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      1. Financial Institutions Division – Marketing

        Build your brand, build your business

        Raymond James Marketing is an in-house marketing, advertising and public relations agency available to support your needs. Our creative professionals are highly skilled at meeting the nuanced needs of financial institutions and their advisors.

        Customized support

        Engaged with you and your brand. Raymond James Marketing is a full-service agency that provides award-winning services to our partner institutions. This group of talented marketing professionals specializes in designing and producing compelling materials to support your brand. Our in-house marketing team will help you develop materials, including print, online, audiovisual and direct marketing, all using your bank’s brand or your unique brand. After all, prospective customers within your community already know your name and what you stand for. Why not leverage that goodwill?

        Marketing your investment program

        Ready-made solutions for ready-made success. Signage, brochures and other collateral materials are already created and ready to go to work for you. All that’s necessary is your institution’s name and logo. These streamlined marketing solutions are cost-and-time efficient and easy to implement, helping pay big dividends in increased awareness of your institution’s investment services.

        Social media

        Socially engaged. If you’re ready to incorporate social media into your practice, you’ll have full, compliant access to social media tools including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as well as tools to measure engagement. You can create your own posts or pull from a library of preapproved content.

        Website design

        Smart design leaves a lasting first impression. You’ve heard the following axioms: “You get one chance to make a first impression,” “Put your best foot forward” and others. Our award-winning team of writers and designers can help deliver a website that not only will make a great first impression, but also serves as a functional, ongoing point of engagement for your clients. We offer interactive content that is updated regularly and can be fully integrated into your site, to keep clients and prospects coming back.

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